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This weather station is located at : (Kuerten-Bechen) broadcasting on the Internet since String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.

I maintain this web site on a voluntary basis and the site provides online weather data for my local area Weather informations are updated every 20 minutes, and are available 24/7

The data provided on the site is collected by using the following weather station.

Our Location


Country : Kuerten, Bechen, Germany

Bechen ist ein Ortsteil der Gemeinde Kuerten, der sich in der Mitte des Rheinisch-Bergischen Kreises befindet. Der Ort hat rund 3900 Einwohner (Stand 2014) und liegt am Rande der Grossen Dhuenntalsperre. Das Bechener Wahrzeichen ist der Esel.

Weather station

Station type: Fine Offset

Weather website

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Weather template: Weather by You!

Weather engine: Cumulus v3.0.0 (3041)